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I’m often asked why I never went back to get my MBA. We have two of the best b-schools in the world right here in Chicago. My answer is simple – closerlook is my grad school. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn more about health, interactive marketing, and human behavior.

This is why I love our company’s tagline – Smarter marketing for pharma. It reflects our passion for learning.

It’s a subtle difference, but I appreciate that our internal branding team recommended “smarter marketing” rather than “smart marketing.” Smart is static and hard to define. Smarter is dynamic and requires progress. There is a touch of arrogance in the claim that we provide “smart marketing,” but there is a commitment to improvement in “smarter marketing.”

Smarter marketing for pharma is more than a simple tagline. First of all, it’s a real promise to our clients that they will get better marketing results. I suppose that if someone offered a dumber marketing program that got better results, we wouldn’t have a business, but our experience shows that smarter marketing will lead to better outcomes.

Secondly, for us to fulfill our promise to our clients, our tagline must reflect an internal goal or standard that we set for ourselves. We commit to getting smarter so we can help our clients get smarter. This means it’s not enough that our work is on-time, on-budget, and on-strategy. It also has to be smarter.

Fortunately, striving to be smarter is in our DNA. Becoming smarter is a core closerlook value. It speaks to the importance of continuous learning and reinforces a basic hiring principle: we hire for curiosity and the desire to grow!

Getting smarter
So to become smarter marketers, we should always ask ourselves two basic questions:

1. What have I experienced in the past week that has made me smarter?
2. What am I curious about right now and can I find an answer in the context of my current project?

Finally, as a company leader, I should be looking for new ways to capture all that learning, all that smartness and make it broadly available inside the company and among our clients.

Welcome to the closerlook graduate school of marketing!

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