GiveForward: Doing Well by Doing Good

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Sometimes you come across a company that truly epitomizes the concept of “doing well by doing good,” and you realize that it’s not just an idealistic dream.

GiveForward is such a company. They are an online fundraising website that specializes in helping ordinary people raise money for a loved one with a medical need. GiveForward has developed an online platform that makes it easy for a friend or family member to create a personalized fundraising website and invite their friends and family to contribute. Their mantra is to “create unexpected joy.”

joySo far GiveForward has helped raise $62 million for medical expenses!

The company is the only online site that has fundraising coaches who provide advice and fundraising ideas for raising money online. The team has learned a lot about what it takes and even publishes their top fundraising tips and tricks.

Full disclosure: this company and its leadership are so impressive that I became an investor. If you or someone you know is facing unexpected medical expenses, go to GiveForward and learn how you can quickly set up a fundraising website, tell your loved one’s story, and use social media like Facebook to get the word out. And someone from GiveForward will always be there to answer your questions and give you advice.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how companies can make a difference and how social media can change lives, read some of the stories of the thousands of families GiveForward has helped. Then browse the current fundraisers and make your own contribution to a family in need. You too can contribute to creating unexpected joy for someone!

Do well by doing good.

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